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Session and Template Messages
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What are the guidelines of WhatsApp Template Messages?

Whatsapp has issued some guidelines of things you shouldn’t include in your template messages to get them approved. Template messages can’t be promotional in nature. For example, they shouldn’t include:

1. New product promotional messages

2. Discount codes / vouchers... (More)

Does every template need to be approved by WhatsApp?

Yes, every message template will be reviewed by Whatsapp to ensure they do not violate WhatsApp policies. Once approved, it can be sent to any number of users. Moreover, these template messages can be dynamic in nature up to multiple... (More)

How many message templates one business can get approved?

There are up to 250 message templates one can get approved.

How can I interact with the user on WhatsApp once the 24-hour window is over?

You can start initiating the chat with the inactive users via template messages. For example, you send 100 template messages and 25 users responded to that message, then these 25 users are now Active.