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Can I send broadcast message even with low quality rating?

When your Quality Rating goes down, you will receive a warning notification in your Business Manager Account. Once you stop sending broadcast for some days, your Quality Rating will improve. Try to maintain a good quality rating for a week... (More)

What all factors affect the Quality Rating?

The quality rating entirely depends on how the users are responding to your campaign messages. A good response is considered when the user interacts with the message either by clicking on the CTAs or replying to the message. If there... (More)

How to improve the Quality Rating?

To improve or maintain high Quality rating

1. Make sure messages follow the WhatsApp Business Policy
2. Only send messages to users who have opted in to receive messages from your business.
3. Make the messages highly personalized and useful... (More)

What is a Quality Rating?

The WhatsApp Business API client Quality Rating shows the message quality that your customer received in the past 24 hours. Basically, there are three different quality states:

1. Green: High Quality
2. Yellow: Medium Quality
3. Red: Low Quality