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What all track points are covered in the Customer Journey?

Customer journey keeps a track of all the events exchanges between the Agent and the User. For example, which Agent intervened in the chat, which agent added which tag, what all campaigns have been sent to the user and so... (More)

What are Tags and how to assign them?

Tags are the qualifying parameters that agents can assign to the users on the basis of their interaction with the business. There are automated tags along with manual tags that agents assign. Automated Tags includes First Message Tags, API Tags... (More)

What is the maximum limit on the number of attributes?

20 is the maximum limit on the number of attributes. This is more than enough to qualify the leads. Moreover, there are tags to further qualify the lead.

Can I filter down my audience on the basis of these attributes?

Yes, the audience segmentation can be done on the basis of attributes. Using this, personalized and targeted broadcast campaigns can be sent to the users.