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Filter & User Profile
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Can I send campaigns to users from the History Page?

No. Campaigns can be sent from both the Contacts Page and Campaigns Page but not the history page. The filter in the history page is for the Agent to study and segregate the leads accordingly.

Can the Agent make changes in the User Profile in History Page?

Yes, the Agents can make changes in the User Profile by adding/removing Tags. Only the intervention can not be done.

Is the User Profile in History Page similar to that in Live Chat Page?

Yes, the User Profile is entirely the same in both the History Page and Live Chat Page.

What all parameters can be used to filter down the audience in History Page?

The audience can be filtered down on the following parameters: Name, Mobile Number, Tags, Source, First Message Tags, Intervened, Campaigns, Closed, Requested, Last Seen, when the user was created and all the various Attributes set within the chatbot. Also, multiple... (More)