Schedule Broadcast Campaigns now on AiSensy😍

AnnouncementsNew Feature

We are ecstatic to announce the all new Campaign Scheduler on the AiSensy App. 😍

Now you can schedule all your WhatsApp Broadcast for up to 2 months from the current date easily on AiSensy.

With the WhatsApp Campaign Scheduler, you can:

✅ Schedule Broadcasts way ahead of time across varying timezones

✅ Nail your midnight product launches without sacrificing your sleep

✅ Pre-set Broadcasts to avoid working on holidays & weekends.

Note: You can delete & re-schedule WhatsApp Broadcasts from the Campaigns Page on AiSensy App.

How to schedule Broadcasts on AiSensy App?

1. Go to the Contacts/ Campaigns page & create a Broadcast Campaign

Broadcast Scheduler (2).png

2 Select a pre-approved WhatsApp Template Message

3. Scroll down & enable the Schedule Date & Time option

Enable Scheduler.png

4. Pick a suitable date, time & timezone to schedule the Broadcast

Pick date & time.png

5. Click Schedule Campaign to finish the scheduling process

Pick date & time (1).png

6 Go to Campaigns to Edit Scheduled Broadcasts

7 Edit your Scheduled WhatsApp Broadcasts

To edit your WhatsApp Broadcast, simply go to Campaigns 👉 Click Scheduled 👉 Press the ‘i’ button & click ‘Cancel’.

That’s it!

Go to AiSensy App & schedule all your campaigns in advance.


Send WhatsApp Template Messages directly from History Page 😎

AnnouncementsNew Feature

You can now initiate a chat with users directly from the History page. 🔥😍

Whether it’s a text template, image, audio or video file; you can initiate a conversation individually from history page easily. Since these users are out of the 24-hour conversation window, you have to send a WhatsApp Template message to initiate a conversation.

You don’t need to go to the length of creating WhatsApp Broadcast for single contacts. Just go to History Page & send a WhatsApp Template to initiate a conversation.

With this feature, you’ll be able to:

  • Send personalized messages to users individually from History Page in a click

  • Save time on creating WhatsApp Broadcast for one or few contacts

  • Start a conversation directly from the History page.

How to initiate conversation with users directly from History Page?

Find this feature in the History Page of AiSensy App & follow these steps:

  1. Reach the History Page

  2. Choose a Contact whom you wish to send the WhatsApp Template Message & click ‘Send Template’.

  3. Choose the pre-approved Template you want to send.

  4. Fill in the Template Message Parameters & preview the message. Press ‘Send’ once you’re satisfied. The message will be sent to the user.

That’s it 😉! Go to AiSensy App & send messages directly from the History Page now.


Add individual Contacts easily to AiSensy without importing .csv😍

AnnouncementsNew Feature

Adding new contacts just became more seamless & easy. Now you can create a contact directly in AiSensy App without importing a .csv file. 🥳️

So, if you’ve got a single new lead & wish to add them to AiSensy, you can do it instantly.

You won’t need to go to the hassle of creating a .csv file, downloading it & importing it to AiSensy App.

With this new feature you’ll be able to:

  • Add contacts without importing .csv file

  • Create new contact directly in AiSensy Dashboard

  • Save valuable time needed to create a .csv file for importing a single contact.

How to add a contact directly on AiSensy App?

  1. Find this feature in the Contacts page of AiSensy App as you can see in the below image. Click Add Contact to add a contact manually.

  1. Enter the contact details & press ‘Add Contact’ to manually create the contact in AiSensy App.

That’s it 😉! Go to AiSensy Dashboard now to add contacts manually.


Introducing more Power to your Dialogflow WhatsApp Chatbot🤖🤩


We’re glad to introduce three amazing Dialogflow Capabilities which many of you have been asking for! 🔥

We’ve built systems around Google Dialogflow that allow you to capture a user’s Location Response, setup fulfilment responses & handle Media as a user response in Google Dialogflow.

Here’s a brief about each of these updates:

(1) Capture Location Responses in Dialogflow - Earlier, if a user sent their location, Dialogflow couldn’t capture it. Now, whenever a user sends their Location on WhatsApp, Dialogflow will capture it & send to your backend systems from where you can use it for multiple use case scenarios!

E.g. You’re a food delivery company & need the user’s address to send food. WhatsApp Chatbot will ask for the user’s Location & upon receiving Location coordinates from the user will send it to your back-end system. Check out how to setup Location responses in Dialogflow.

(2) Setup Fulfilment Response in Dialogflow - Basically, if you want to set up Dynamic Responses for each user, generated through your Backend you need to set up Dialogflow Fulfillment Responses. Seup Fulfilment Responses for text, images, carousel, videos & other media responses.

E.g. You’re a Fintech Company & a user asks for their month-end Bank Statement. In this case, the response for each user would be different & will require you to set up Fulfilment Response in Dialogflow. Check out how to setup Fulfilment Responses.

(3) Handle Media Responses by Users - Earlier, when a user sent Media file as a message, Dialogflow couldn’t capture it. Now, if a user sends Media as a Message, the Media URL will get captured in Dialogflow. Check out how to handle Media Responses by users.


Introducing WhatsApp Retargeting Campaigns in AiSensy App🤩


Now you can draw super insights from your campaigns & send Retargeting Broadcast Campaigns to the most relevant audience. 🤩

We’re super stoked to announce WhatsApp Retargeting Campaigns, a new feature that you can find on the Campaigns page.🔥

We’ve added various sections including Sent, Delivered, Read, Replied & Failed. ⚡️

From each of these sections, you can filter the audience via smart audience segmentation & send re-targeted Broadcast Campaigns.

So, let’s say you wish to retarget users who replied with a particular message to your WhatsApp Broadcast.

Here’s how you can retarget them easily. Here’s how👇

Hit the Campaigns Page👉Go to Replied👉Select the time when they replied to your WhatsApp Broadcast👉Select Reply 👉Click Broadcast👉Select & Send the message

Retargeting Users who replied within 1 hour of sending WhatsApp Broadcast

From each of the sections, you can monitor the message Sent Rate, Delivery Rate, Read Rate, Replied Rate & Failed Rate. Clicking each section gives detailed & precise insights into your campaigns. 

Now, let's say you wish to Broadcast a message:

  • To only those who have Read your previous campaign or

  • Only to those who replied to a certain message or

  • Only to those users to whom the previous message was delivered but didn't read it!

You can do it in a Jiffy using AiSensy campaign manager.

Use Cases of this feature

  1. Deep-dive into Campaign Analytics: View in-depth analytics of broadcast campaigns & re-target the most relevant audience for another WhatsApp Broadcast.

  2. Monitor Read & Reply Rates: Keep a tab on the number of users who have read & replied to your WhatsApp Broadcast.

  3. View Reason for Failed Message: View how many people to whom the broadcast failed to send have downloaded or not downloaded WhatsApp.

  4. Target the most relevant audience: Let’s consider that you want to target users who’ve shown interest in your offering, i.e. replied to your Broadcast message. You can directly go to replied section & retarget users who’ve replied to your Broadcast Campaign. 

Here’s a quick overview of the Campaigns Page. 

  1. Overview

    The overview section gives you a complete view of the number of messages sent, delivered, read, failed, and BIC & UIC costs.

  2. Sent Messages

    The sent section allows you to view the number of users to whom the campaign was successfully sent. You can view the name, WhatsApp number & the time when the message was sent to the user.

  1. Delivered Messages

    The delivered section shows you the exact name & number of users to whom the Broadcast Campaign has been delivered & not delivered.

    You can filter users based on “Delivered” & “Not Delivered” as well as both “Delivered” & “Not Delivered” & send retargeting Broadcast Campaigns to users.

  1. Read Messages

    Read section shows you how many people have read & not read the delivered WhatsApp Broadcast.

    In this section, you can filter & send retargeting Campaigns to users based on whether they have “Replied” or “not replied” to your WhatsApp Broadcast.

  2. Replies Received

    The replied section shows you the number of hours the users took to reply to your WhatsApp Broadcast message.

    Here, you can filter users & send retargeting Broadcast Campaigns based on a particular reply like ‘Happy Diwali’ and whether they replied in ‘1 Hour’, ‘3 Hours’ and ‘24 Hours’.

  3. Failed Messages

    In failed messages, you can find out how many users to whom the broadcast message failed to deliver, are “on WhatsApp” & are “not on WhatsApp”. 

    You can further send retargeting Broadcast campaigns to users present on WhatsApp but who didn’t receive the message. 

Check out the complete guide to WhatsApp Retargeting Campaigns here.


Announcing Canned Messages- Send pre-determined responses to users in a click🖱😍

We are excited to introduce you to the coolest brand new feature to AiSensy- Canned Messages🥂

What are Canned Messages?

As an agent, there are many general queries to which you copy-paste the same answer to everyone. E.g. product pricing, product description, welcome message & more.

Now, you won’t need to do that.

Instead, you can save your responses through Canned Messages & push them to your users.

Canned messages are pre-defined responses that you can send to your users with a click of a button.

They include your regular pre-defined responses & Template Messages that you can push directly from Live Chat!

Whether it’s a welcome message🤝, about the company🏢, product pricing💶, product description,  or more; send it hassle-free, only on AiSensy!

And it doesn’t just need to be a text message!😉

You can also add images📸, files📂, audio🎶 & videos🎦 to canned messages, depending on your use cases.

What’s more?

Glad you asked!

You can favourite your most frequently used canned messages to pin them to the top for easy accessibility. 😇

Where is this feature located?

You’ll find Canned Messages in the Manage section of the AiSensy App.

You can click on the Create button to create a new canned message, upon click you’ll be redirected to a create form.

Check out this tutorial to learn how to create Canned Messages in AiSensy App.


Now you can opt out contacts from receiving WhatsApp Broadcast😎


Add- priority Quality Rating

We’re excited to share a new useful feature with all of you😍

We have introduced a feature that allows you to opt them out from receiving WhatsApp Broadcast. This feature comes in handy when you don’t want parts of your audience to not receive your Broadcast.

The feature’s very useful to maintain your quality rating. You can find out people who don’t want to receive your WhatsApp Broadcast & opt them out using this feature.

This way, you can prevent them from receiving any further Broadcast & reducing your quality rating by blocking you.

If you want to know more about how to improve your Quality rating, check out this tutorial.

Here’s how you can opt-out users from receiving your WhatsApp Broadcast & block them to prevent incoming messages:

  1. Go to a user’s Chat Profile in History/ Live Chat. Click the ‘opted-in’ check sign to disable or re-enable opt-in from a particular user.


Filter contacts for WhatsApp Broadcast like a pro with these New Filters😎

We’ve added two new filters to make it easier for you to choose your WhatsApp Broadcast audience at the click of a button😎.

These two filters are:

  1. MAU Status

Monthly Active User Status filters contacts based on whether they are included in your Monthly Active User List or not. This filter will enable you to choose those contacts who are your active users for the month!

If you want to choose only active users, choose MAU status is active.

If you want to send the WhatsApp Broadcast to inactive users, choose MAU status is inactive.

Note: Sending Broadcast to inactive users will make them active users.

  1. WhatsApp Conversation Status

This filter enables you to choose contacts based on whether their WhatsApp Conversation (WC) status is active or not. Here, active conversations include those which have been initiated in the past 24 hours.

If you want to send WhatsApp Broadcast to Active WhatsApp Conversations, choose WhatsApp Conversation Status is Active.

If you want to send WhatsApp Broadcast to inactive WhatsApp Conversations (24-hours after the initiation of conversation), choose WhatsApp Conversation Status is inactive.


You can now block people from sending you spam Messages🥂😎

AnnouncementsNew FeatureImprovements

Tired of receiving spammy messages from users? Well, we’ve got something for you😍

You can now block incoming messages from people who fill your inbox with spam😎

Blocking contacts will restrict the blocked users to send messages to you & enable direct conversations.

The feature comes in handy to restrict audiences from spamming your WhatsApp with unnecessary messages or Broadcasts like morning wishes, business promotions & more.

This way, you only block incoming messages from such users. You can still Broadcast messages to them. The only difference is you won’t receive any messages from their side.

Where is the feature located?

If you wish to prevent incoming messages from the user, click the ‘Block all messages’ button & press confirm on the next screen to prevent further incoming communication from the user.


Experience WhatsApp Broadcasting without API approval😍- Sandbox Testing

Add- feature only for those who aren’t currently live on WhatsApp API.

AiSensy Users👋👋,

You can now have first-hand experience at WhatsApp Broadcasting with AiSensy without WhatsApp API Approval.

We have introduced Sandbox Testing mode to allow you to test the WhatsApp Broadcast feature in AiSensy App. Sandbox testing allows you to test features such as WhatsApp Broadcasting without having access to the WhatsApp API.

The best thing about Sandbox testing is that it’s instantaneous. Sign up on the platform & you’ll have instant access to the Sandbox testing feature.

This will help you test the feature without opting for a plan & taking approval of the API.

You can send WhatsApp Broadcast to one number at a time.

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Go to AiSensy Dashboard- After signing up on AiSensy, create a project & go to the AiSensy Dashboard.

  1. Add a Contact (Preferably your WhatsApp number)- Add a name & number in the Sandbox testing field & press submit. This will, in turn, create a contact in AiSensy.

  1. Go to Contacts Page/ Campaigns Page- Now, we will test the WhatsApp Broadcast. You can send it via the Contacts/ Campaigns Page. We’ll be showing you the way to send WhatsApp Broadcast via the Contacts page.

  1. Choose a Pre-approved message & press send- Add a Campaign name, choose a pre-approved template message already stored there & add a parameter value. Last, press send.

  1. WhatsApp Broadcast sent successfully- Here’s how the Broadcast will show on the receiver’s WhatsApp.